• Sushi bar has 11 seats. Sitting at the sushi bar, the excellent choice must be OMAKASE. Further, enjoy all of the ingredients and the chef’s technical, and feel the interaction with each guest and the chef is so happy and enjoy.
  • Ground Floor Parking Lots: Only three. When make an appointment, please book the parking space at the same time.
  • Two tatami rooms, one room can accommodate 6 persons, two rooms combined can accommodate up to 18 persons.Most suitable for private parties and discuss with the customers.Lunch will be open to customers with the children and baby. At dinner, each room has HK $4,000 minimum charge.
  • Dining table seat: 18 seats. Normally, dining table separated into 4 seats and with the partition. In the dining lobby, still have personal space.6 or 8 seats may also combine anytime. Best Recommend —-TABLE OMAKASE HK$ 750/per person.