Since 2005 …… a familiar name【Sushi Toku】has completed its historic mission in 2015.
A new name【Mikasaya】in June at the same year, it began a new page.

【Mikasaya】was originally located in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka…… my hometown, my parents restaurant’s name.

【Mikasaya】every day through Japan, such as Fukuoka, Tsukiji, Hokkaido……. Directly fresh and seasonal seafood and vegetables, we will diligently to design and cook the seafood and all ingredients. We hope to make more you love the dishes.

【Mikasaya】except for to giving you delicious dishes. We hope …… you have a wonderful fun time in the【Mikasaya】.

【Mikasaya】will continue to efforts more every day, hoping to become your favorite restaurant.
We look forward to sincere welcome to visit.

Taichiro Motoyama